2008 Teacher Research Posters

Plant cover study conducted in New Mexico,  2008.  Comparison of total amounts of plant cover in Black Grama grassland and Honey Mesquite shrubland.

Water Infiltration study in New Mexico, 2008.  Grassland vs. shrubland: Is there a difference in water infiltration rates?

Using nematodes as soil quality indicators in Colorado, 2008.  Aliens in the earth: The relationship of nematodes and nitrogen as a measure of soil quality.

A comparison of nitrogen content of Black Grama and Honey Mesquite areas in New Mexico, 2008.  Nitrogen levels on top soil

Arthropod diversity study in two habitats of New Mexico, 2008.  Arthropod diversity and population density in Black Grama Grassland and Honey Mesquite shrubland environments within the Jornada Experimental Range of southern New Mexico.