Teacher Research at HJ Andrews

During Teacher Training at the H.J. Andrews, participants work with an ecologist following along in a scientist-lead study. The lead scientist works with the group to help generate the research question.

Sample Research Studies Developed by Teachers:

Differences in decomposition of nitrogen-fixers and non-nitrogen fixer leaf litter in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, June 23-July3, 2008 by Sally Kirkpatrick.  Ecoplexity 2008 participant's research paper.

Forb diversity in 47-year-old and 300-year-old aged stands at the H. J. Andrews LTER Forest by Rebecca Huot.  Research paper from the 2008 Ecoplexity workshop. 

Plant Diversity Comparison, 2008: Comparison of Richness and Diversity of Plants in an Old Growth Forest and a Young Replanted Forest

Pitfall Trap Comparison, 2008: A comparison of the total count of fungivores in plantation-type forests between H.J. Andrews LTER Temperate Forest in Blue River, OR and Luquillo LTER Tropical Forest in Puerto Rico

Vegetation Comparison, 2008: A Comparison of Canopy Cover and Shrub Diversity in Old Growth and Plantation Forests

A Comparison of Leaf Litter Decomposition Rates, 2008:  A Comparison of Alder and Douglass Fir Leaf Litter Decomposition

Results of a Moth Diversity Study Using Light Traps, 2009: Moth Diversity in the HJ Andrews Research Forest, Summer 2009

Results of a Leaf Litter Study, Sally Kirkpatrick, 2009: Sow Bug and Leaf Litter Paper

Results of a Leaf Litter Study, Sharon Cooper, 2009: Species Richness, Abundance, and Ratio of K-and r- selected Organisms in a Pacific Northwest Leaf-litter as Indicators of Site Disturbance